We are a studio located in Barcelona, specialized in designing experiences.


Angela Fermín

Tourist & Humanist, she considers herself to be passionate about art. Since she was a small girl, she has known about the importance of the image and its connection with the human being, so she values and pampers the visual results of all the pieces. Curious, restless and creative, she combines her work experience in the field of tourism and events with her common passion for design, image and new technologies. More clues? I am a fan of lateral thinking, and I believe that today what matters is to know how to innovate being highly creative and that surely is achieved having knowledge of several disciplines to be able to “connect the points”, especially, having fun!


Maria Torres

After a 10 year career in the world of events and incentive trips, combined with several business administration studies, she became a graphic designer at 30, that era when you decide that it’s time to try if you could dedicate yourself to another of your passions. She achieves it in a study in Barcelona at the same time that starts with Angela a project in which they combine two of the things that do best, events and graphic design. A bit more about me: I get inspired by the Nordic style because it transmits a lot with very little, I have traveled non-stop but I have always preferred to go back home, I am a fan of slow life although I never get it.

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